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  • Yeah it has, although I never even got a notification of receiving this message. Anyway, how are you doing brah?
    I've heard. I would imagine everyone's baked, but whatever. I love dubstep all by itself. I hate substance abuse. :P
    Yann man in a van with a tan with his friend Pan drinking... Oh, i've run out of rhymes. :<
    It's been a while. How have you been? :D
    I know, that guy looks way too much like Aizen which is really strange too. I wonder how they plan on getting his powers back, I mean, they can't do what Urahara did last time because he has no more shinigami powers...
    Ah, alright, I wondered why you had left xD I'm glad to see you have everything sorted out. :)

    Yeah, it's getting pretty awesome again. It got rather confusing once it reached the point after he lost his powers, well until the last manga or so. I wish we didn't have to wait another 5 days though. D:

    I'll have to go though, I've got to get up fairly early in the morning and I'm lazy enough as it is in the mornings. xD
    Jesus xD I thought you'd left for good D: How have you been?

    Keeping up with Bleach I hope xD
    The new Bleach manga didn't really answer many questions =\ In fact, it's brought up more. Like why has that guy that suspiciously looks like Aizen appeared? :S And now it looks like he's got a Shimigami badge for some reason, or Ichigo's old one. =\
    Yann ~ We haven't talked in ages, have we? What new animes are you watching or something?
    Anyways just letting you know that I do still exist :bleh: jokes.
    How've you been?
    I know =D I can't wait to see what's going to happen now that Ichigo has lost his powers.

    I hope that because it's been such a long wait that this chapter is longer than usual.
    xD I haven't watched the anime before, so I've never seen the intro. =\ I hope he gains them again that form again in the Manga. =D
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