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WW IsDa Bombchu
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  • It's been great. I beat Kid Icarus Uprising...a week ago? I don't remember, but I do know that I love replaying the campaign lol. Yeah, Kid Icarus has been controlling my life recently XD
    Well, back at Age of War, the site I moved to, most of them didn't get out to anything besides Zelda, so, while I was craving Dragon Ball I came here and read some old Dragon Ball RP stuff. I realized that if I wanted to talk to people that actually gave a crap and knew about Sonic/Dragon/other stuff that isn't Zelda, coming back to Zelda Dungeon would be a good idea. So I came back.
    Well I'm a small kid for my age (106) I use alot of single legs. Moves that John Smith uses like duck unders and what not. But yeah I've been wrestling for years no im on varsity in 9th grade lol. Even though its off season I still go to a practice every day sometimes 2 a day and a tournament every weekend sometimes 2 tourneys a weekend. I actively compete in Freestyle and Greco wrestling and am going to states for both.
    Hey Bombchu!! I was just checking in on ZD, sorry about randomly disappearing. Hows it going in here?
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