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  • I saw your question Welbanks, so I guess i'll tell you.
    Mases has decided to upgrade the forums to the latest version of Vbulliten.

    This means that all of the things that were not compatible, (E.g. The Soutbox, the old banner, the background) had to be removed.

    This layout is only temporary though, when the upgrade is finished, we can get a new background and banner.
    lol that is one awesome mom that you've got i wish i was there. but for some reason homework gives me things to do.
    wow. that is one cool mom. i'm not sure what my mom says about me since i'm always busy doing important things like homework.
    Man, listen to your mom. You ARE cool! My mom always tells the truth, even when it's about santa! Wait...
    Well, during the day, I just went for a walk, and then went out wiht some friends for the evening. I went to see the 'fireworks' with my parents. They weren't very interesting though. haha
    I've never really celebrated Canada Day though. I might have gotten my face painted as a kid or something, but usually I just watch the fireworks. lol
    Happy (belated) Canada Day. You do anything interesting to celebrate?
    Yeah I'm def gonna fight to get em this time. And that's awesome about MC ... I'm stoked to play it! I keep you filled in on my progress when I start! =)
    I haven't =( I just got the Minish Cap though. Still working on the Oracles... gotta a couple on watch on eBay! I figured Minish Cap would be a good one to finish since it's the first chronologically.
    Haven't read the books yet. I have a huge backlog of books to read, and unfortunately the Dexter books are too expensive bump up at the moment. I do plan on reading them all though.
    Indeed, Dexter DOES rock!!! My wife and I have become so addicted to his show that we become depressed when the season ends.
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