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Viral Maze
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  • I think that it might be a good idea if you started off killing the inactives, if the game lasts too long then the later rounds will be real quiet. =\
    ROFL, I love having a Mod with humor and wit. I'm going to ask around to see if I can find some more people for replacements for you.
    Guess it's an HK only feature. When you need it opened just VM an online mod, I suppose.
    Locked the mafia thread for you.

    I'm not sure if regular members have the option, but as a Hylian Knight I could open/close threads that I created myself. If you see a tab labeled "administrative" above all of the posts in the thread see if there is an option to open/close the thread.
    Seems you've got Mafia pretty well covered xD That's the second time I've been to do a vote tally and you've posted one :P
    On Mafia, you said that members couldn't post anymore on the thread. Does this mean that I'm out?
    Sorry about posting I didn't mean to...T_T Won't happen again! thought it was still twilight... Vanilla townie means non-role townie right?
    Ive played 2 not including this one,though I died pretty quickly on both.Can I please keep playing if I be more careful in the future?
    Well,yes.All that post said though was that I was ninjad.I meant to EBWODP,but I got ninjad again,so that post seemed kinda stupid,so I deleted it.Can I still stay in the game?
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