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Viral Maze
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  • Yeah, I'm not playing as seriously in Beginner's Mafia as I am in Mafia 4. I guess BM is just good practice.
    I don't know if you've read the thread yet, but Beginner's Mafia kinda sucks.... Mafia 4 is so much better. Lolz
    your posts are all of a sudden showing up in there, also. it says youre an active member in the sb, yet I know you dont quite meet the requirments. glitches ftw... gawd.
    Cheers for adding me to Mafia. I'll try and play as much as possible, I've got a lot of free time so shouldn't be too hard.

    Is your display pic a reference to TF2 btw?
    I think I missed your message for some reason. If there are slots open still that'd be cool, if not don't worry ;)
    I'm ready! I didn't get any PM, though. It might have gotten wiped, but I do want to play.
    Hey Viral, just thought I would remind ya, I'm caught up on Mafia and am ready if you need a replacement! :)
    Hey the Mafia game is ready at Zelda Temple. You said you wanted to play right?
    Hey, Merry Christmas! Thanks for being such a good mod of the Mafia game :)
    ~Meego7 :3
    I'm looking at the thread right now and I have to wonder... what do I say since the thread is already 20 pages in?
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