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  • Thanks. Beeker made it for me. His work is good you should ask him to make you one.
    Hey Vincent,
    why don't you approve of the "Axle the Beast for Super Moderator" group?
    Just curious, because i'm a part of that group.
    hmm, sorry, but where exactly has the subject of my thread been discussed before? I seriously couldn't find it...
    Hey Vincent. We have a troll on the site. He go's by 'StankyFart', and if that wasn't evidence enough, let me tell you about the threads he's created.

    Thread #1: A thread debating if SS should include dungeons. :suspicious:
    Thread #2: A thread debating the possibility of a person being able to ride 2 horses at the same time.>.<
    Thread #3: A thread debating whether or not Link should be homosexual in SS. :facepalm:
    yo dude thanks for the invitation!!
    i wasn't sure @ first! i saw long island & guessed it was you but the frog profile picture gave it away. :-D
    ps. & i'm as big a troll as ever. hahahaha
    way! i must confess that i just learned of this place like three or four days ago. was trying to locate zl but it is no more. couldn't help myself. (-; it's good to hear from you & bomby again!! been faaaaar too long.
    Not that great. I know the basics of the CS, and have made some simple things like caves, a shop, etc. Once I tried unpacking the BSAs and editing some meshes, but I haven't really modified the game much, besides an .esp that added a shop.
    I see. A friend bought me the Game of the Year Deluxe Edition on Steam when it was on sale a while back, and it comes with all of the DLC, Knights of the Nine, and Shivering Isles. Thanks for the tip though.
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