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  • Hah, Bug type, it would likely look a lot different if it were...and that's cool, I got a Shiny Latias from HeartGold version myself, never really use it though. Just like having it in my collection...
    Ditto, Shiny Kyurem was the last update to my main team and it shall likely stay that way. Overall quite a few believe it might be Flying type, I have no clur though...
    Hmmm? It looks interesting I suppose, overall I likely won't be using any Pokemon from the next Gen after transferring all my other Pokemon though, got a main team I always use.
    It's fine...overall I'm sure you'll have a good enough future though, just do what you feel is right and try your best, that's all one can truly expect from you.
    Well, guess it's to be expected, hmmm.

    Eh, overall not all relationships are bound to be in high school, for all you know if/when you go to College or whatever you'll find someone to be with or maybe you'll find somebody afterwards even. Just a matter of time, I can't say I foresee you being alone forever anyways o,o
    Glad you enjoyed that Boss fight, it was part of the Naruto Arc in my Tron Story, 16 Chapters all together that Arc. Moving on though, you've told me about your crazy Science class before, ehehe.

    Nah, you seem to be a decent girl, someday you'll find somebody to spend Valentine's Day with or something I'm sure. How long until that happens is unknown though >::>
    All sent, enjoy. Overall when I was in school English class was among my favorites, just because I was decent at the stuff going on, heheh.

    I've been here for over a year myself now, it's a nice site, yeah. As far as companions go though, I'm sure your computer won't be your only one forever.
    Huh, well I'm sure that makes school a little more entertaining, heheh. But anyways, I shall PM you the Boss Battle against the Six Ports of Vain then...which are the viral Six Paths of Pain present in my Tron Story.

    Yep, you missed it this year, but if you stick around maybe you can take part in it next year.
    I see, well that's good I guess, you can only keep improving.

    Eh, your teacher is an Anime fan then I take it, more specifically Naruto though? Well that's neat I guess, and reminds me...I've sometimes read some of your writing, would you care to read a fight from my own Story?

    Yep, every week or so leading up to Valentine's Day people can make and send cards to people, all of which are then distributed on the day itself.
    Nice to see you on as well, how have you been?

    Hmmm, I've returned to using Pain as my theme, the man behind Pain had a name beginning with N though...Nagato.

    I see, well did you have a decent day though? I was gonna send you a card on here but in the end didn't...
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