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  • I agree! dang man! I didnt know that was you.. you did great. I am from the US and I am waiting for tomorrow to come on.
    did you hear they are making a new show... it takes place 70 years after Avatar Aang. Its The Lengend Of Kara or something... the lengend of.. hold on..
    That video. I have seen it before. but I never seen it all the way through... thanks :)
    The Lengend Of Korra! ^.^
    I am and
    My favorite episodes
    Warriors of Kyoshi
    Siege of the North Pt 1 & 2
    The Swamp
    The Blind Bandit
    The Library
    The Serpants Pass
    The Crossroads of Destiny
    The Headband
    The Beach
    The Puppetmaster
    Nightmares and Day Dreams
    The Firebending masters
    The Boiling Rock part 1 & 2
    And Sozin's Comet

    Twinkle Toes :lol:
    No I didn't and to be honest I don't really know what Hellraiser is although I've heard of it before.
    The reason I chose the name is actually kinda weird. When I was younger I used to play lego star wars with my siblings and there was a bounty hunter (IG-88) with an oddly thin head so me and my siblings used to call him Pinhead. I liked the name and I've been using it since.
    Probably a lame reason for a name but it's a reason nonetheless.
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