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Trio the Punch

Lint Collection, Doing Laundry, Competitive Sitting


1:59 AM <Spiritofzant> i saw whips and handcuffs and got excited =[

7:03 PM <Ventus> A civil war could be cool

LOZ on the fan base:
Yeah, I like the Fan Base much better than their actual fans. The North Dakota Fan Manufacturing Base is incredibly vital to North Dakota’s economy, and has been the number one distributer of fans of all kinds since the 20’s. I personally don’t like their fans though. They often break down too easily and have a bad reputation as a fire hazard. But I love the actual base. I took a tour of the fan base a few years ago and loved it. It was a fascinating experience that I’ve never forgotten. You leave that place with a respect for the fan industry and an education on how fans are made.

Ludar on Ludar:
Naughty, Legal, And Bat **** Crazy
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