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  • My Favorite Zelda:
    The Windwaker

    My Favorite Items:
    Hero Bow, Mirror Shield, Master Sword, Hookshot

    My Favorite Enemies:
    Darknut, Mighty Darknut, Wizzrobe, ChuChu

    My Favorite Mini-Bosses:
    Phantom Gannon, Wizzrobe (Wind-temple)

    My Favorite Bosses:
    Gannondorf, Gohdan, Puppet Gannon

    My Favorite Islands:
    Shark Island, Overlook Island, Tower of the Gods

    My Favorite Characters:
    Princess Zelda, King of Red Lions, Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule

    My Favorite Dungeons:
    Tower of the Gods, Gannon`s Tower

    My Favorite Dungeons:
    Savage Labyrinth, Shark Island Cave, Bomb Island Cave, Ice Ring Island Cave

    My Favorite Glitches:
    Walk in Hyrule Field
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