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  • hey if you want to know about rare zeldas jest ask
    i love rare zeldas
    Zelda Game and Watch
    zelda watch
    Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosey Rupeeland
    Tingles Balloon Fight DS
    Tingles Love Balloon trip
    four swords
    four swords adventures
    links cross bow training
    master quest
    Dude. Your signature gives me seizures. :xd:

    Just kidding. :P Looks good!

    By the way, noticed some of your conversations below, and just wanted to give you a tip: The proper way to respond to a VM on this board is to go and post the response in the other person's profile, not your own. That way it properly records the conversation, which you can see if you click "View Conversation" (you can also reply under that screen). ;)
    Yes, I did. Which one do you mean?

    (Of course, I didn't make the brawler card or the Happy Mask Salesman shaking his head animation)
    I've played all of the 3d ones. As in, TP, ST, PH, MM, OoT. I'm planning on downloading the others when I get enough money.
    Hey, just wanted to stop by to let you know I like most of your posts, and now I'm really curious about which LoZ you have already played. Right, I'm Tom, nice to meet you.
    Hey there Serpent(Or as I see, Ben) Wassup!? I noticed you were looking at my channel, sent you a friend request, How is it going? You can call me Triforce, or Daniel, Danny or Dan.
    I am fairly new. Which sig do you mean? The Happy Mask Salesman one? My name is Ben, I am a zelda fan, but I don't have many of the games, so I don't consider myself a BIG fan.
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