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  • Nice job with the Site Staff and Wiki Contributor ranks. Mases and Kuddlesnot could use some help around here.

    How long have you been playing Darksiders for? What other franchises do you enjoy?
    The Wiki Contributor or Wiki Scribe ranks are for users at Darksiders Wiki and/or Zelda Dungeon Wiki. So you are covered.
    I've added the Wiki Contributor tag for you. Wiki Scribes are for long time contributors. That's for a bit later.

    My PSN is ArmoChicken13. I just set it up recently. I don't play online much and actually rarely it at all.
    To earn the title as a Wiki Contributor, or even Wiki Scribe takes a lot of dedication by contributing to the Wiki frequently. It's most certainly not a title that's earned overnight, so if you want it, it's going to take good quality contributions and some time to get the title. Currently Wiki Scribe is the highest title a user can earn on the forums that is Wiki related. The Wiki can be found here.
    You most certainly deserve the title if that's the case. I also saw your questions to Mases about Wiki Contributors and Wiki Scribes. What would you like to know about them?
    Sure thing. Should not be a problem at all. If it's an image, it will be fine as long as it's not overly huge. Also, I do own all the sites on the network. As Webmaster though, I just run Zelda and Darksiders Dungeon. We have hired staff that runs GenGame. Pokemon Dungeon is run by Kybyrian.
    I run Pokemon Dungeon, but Mases runs Zelda Dungeon and Darksiders Dungeon. So kind of yeah lol. Also, to get a user title, go to Settings (in the top right) > Edit Profile > Look for "Custom User Title" and insert the user title you want in the box. :)
    Mases isn't an admin here. He's a Hylian Noble. Each color code goes for a specific usergroup. I don't know the exact number for each color, but I bet you could find those. I think Djinn knows those. Yo huh it's tough being yellow haha don't mean to brag but I got that writing skill. Head Article Writer aye reader
    Hey, man. Thanks for the friend request. How goes it.

    I see you're a huge Darksiders fan. What is your avatar of? How are you?
    You have done such an awesome job! I am so proud of you! Never stop being you! I love you bby! Don't forget your lunch on the way to ZD <3
    Hmmm, I am not exactly sure I understand what you want to do, but you can upload images by clicking on the "Upload File" link on the left taskbar, under 'Toolbox'. Make sure you are logged in.
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