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  • Your vision starts to fade, and you stumble, dizzy and light headed. A cloaked man, his face hidden in the hood, starts to walk toward you through the crowd. Is he real? Your vision is blurred. You're not sure which way is up, or whether time is even still going by. The man passes you, placing something into your hand inconspicuously.

    Suddenly, your eyes clear, and you return to reality. Eyes darting behind you, you see the man has disappeared. You look at the item he gave you. It's a letter. You open it curiously.

    "I am Furie. I can help you in many things. If you need me, you'll know where to find me."
    You looked so lonely with 0 friends! :( So I decided you need some! Hey, I'm DarkLink7 (DL7) and if you have any ?s, don't be afraid to vm me, or if you just wanna chat!
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