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  • I have recently started Playing WW and have realized that i completely misjudged that game based on how it looked when i was a weird metal head kid. Not bad! Keep In touch Everyone
    Ha! Good question but no that wasn't sarcasm :D

    I didn't know Halo multiplayer had players level up, although I do know other online multiplayer shooters have some light RPG elements, like CoD, but I didn't know Halo did that.

    I honestly don't know how many players it takes to capture a base in Planetside, but I told my friend I was alone in an enemy base at one point and he said I could have captured it myself for exp just by being there long enough :/

    Seems to me Planetside's play mechanics are a bit sketchy.
    Halo 4? Wow I wouldn't have guess that. Since when can you level up in Halo?

    Anyway, Planetside. It's some F2P FPS MMO (I <3 acronyms :P). I took a gander at it after my buddy was into it, but he doesn't seem too thrilled by it anymore.

    Apparently players take part in an ongoing war to capture territory for your faction. You can choose different classes of space soldier, purchase different weapons and gain experience to level up.

    The virtual environments are kinda cool. I was in this sort of barren Mars-like area and every so often you'll encounter a futuristic looking scifi facility you or your team can capture for your faction ... just by being there if I understand it correctly.

    Ultimately, however, it didn't really appeal to me. Oh, and there's vehicles too, but my buddy said they don't control very well and just told me to stay away from em :P
    Ahh just checked out your sig and its cool and all but just a heads up....The max limit is 800px wide and 250px high.

    You can add a spoiler for your other pics, just use the spoiler code
    For images, id suggest uploading the file to imgur, then right-clicking and copying the image url.

    Then type {Img}URLHERE{/Img} , replacing { with [ and } with ]
    Ahh I see what you mean...

    On your profile you should have an album section, just create an album and upload a pic straight from your file. Then the pic will be saved in your file....If you click on your album and select that pic, just right click on the pic you're viewing and either view image or copy the Image link. You should find that the pic you uploaded now has a link directly to your album.

    Hope this helped :yes:
    See you needed a bit of help regarding images, Use the img code
    Hey, dude. It certainly has been awhile.

    You should be able to view the SB. Strange. Might want to check under Settings.
    Well I have finally created my first thread today, in celebration of my 100th post! So happy to finally contribute to the cause, hopefully everyone enjoys the thread!
    It may seem intimidating but the community here is very....very friendly and welcoming. Am sure you will fit right in :P

    Also if you have an idea for a thread, go with it! We always complain about the lack of threads so we welcome all threads to be honest, if someone does hate (which is rare) then that's on them. I would just say go with it :)
    No problem man!

    Plus I see you are nearing 100 posts....Now once you reach a 100 posts a chatbox will appear, its called the Shoutbox (S:cool: if you don't know already its where most of us talk an stuff. You will be able to talk to most people from the forum there and its quite fun to be honest, just a heads up if you didn't know already :)
    Well I first got into the Zelda franchise around 11 years ago when I used to go round to my friends house to play Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask. However the first Zelda game I owned was Phantom Hourglass so you could say I am a pretty late to the Zelda franchise but I have been a fan for around 10 years

    I played the original Nes games really for the sake of knowing the roots of the Zelda franchise and tbh I was not fond of them. Maybe because they seem completely different to the rest of the series or they may have aged but yeah that's why I haven't taken to them games. Then again I haven't give them a chance at all especially AoL so maybe ill give it another go :yes:
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