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  • You're attending OSU? My Dad worked towards his Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition there. He and my Mother raised me in Missouri. You say you have family in Joplin. We used to drive through there on the way to Grandmother's house in OK before she passed. I can't even fathom when I'll ever be back there... probably never.
    "between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge"

    I have a vacation home there. :xd: Heh. But seriously, awesome reference. :D
    No need to apologize; I'm not a mod, so nothing drastic can be done from my end.

    But I do know what that feels like, because I've been there before. In situations like that, I think people would want you to reply so that they can keep up a long discussion to invalidate pretty much everything. However, I've yet to see any such discussion that had a solid conclusion. Not saying that to speak against them, or you; essentially, I only entered to state that it wasn't worth the time. That's what I always take from those cases, and never join in with them. You are a good poster, though, so I believe you know how to handle yourself.
    Ah ha. I know what you're saying. Also, I hope you don't think my previous comment was directed at you.

    I have some strong feelings on the subject, but those feelings are typically about how pointless and unnecessary arguing about it is. Sure, a little bit of debate is good, gets everyone thinking, but at the end of the day you can't force your beliefs on someone. Everyone's going to think what they want to think, usually regardless of what evidence may or may not be presented.
    Oh I know it's just meant to stimulate ethical discussion. I'd just like to see it a little more grounded next time, there seem to be a lot of these random hypothetical questions in the MD as of late though.
    hey, at least it's better than the 5,000 sexual fetish threads we got in the MD just a week ago.
    Although I agree the ethical questions by Laz are goofy, I do have to admit that I like them. Although... it doesn't really do much to start a conversion, just having everyone answer in their own way. But you still do get to learn a little about everyone from what they post.
    I couldn't agree more! It was one of my favourite boss fights of the entire game!

    Okay, and thank you very much, your comment made my day:)! Your posts have been very interesting and enjoyable as well!
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