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  • Oh, okay. Well then I must apologize. That is out of my league. I can get you this
    Hey buddy. When you post on your own page, I can't see it unless I go there.. :) It's funny cause I did the exact same thing a good number of times before I caught on. Go to view conversation and type, or go to the page of the person you're typing to. I was wondering when you were going to respond.
    ok, to be clear to the right of the image there should be sheik in large, just from about waist up on the image with the sheikah eye symbol in white in the middle (with sheik in colour) have you seen bigelover88's sig with the rito? the swirly things on it are kind of what i want, but in white and light grey (i dont know how to send pictures on this thing)
    No pressure, however if you could do me a favor and get me a picture of those swirly things so I know what I'm dealing with. Besides that I believe you want a large version of this sheik that is to the right a bit. And you want the eye larger? Is that correct?
    Dude, it's your sig, you have the right to request whatever you want. If the person making it can't deliver, well nobody forced them to try. Anyway, I'll get on your request. Tell me if someone beats me to the punch.
    Sup, Random Person here. Now I'm not sure what you meant by your request but here's my best shot based on the details you gave me. If you don't like it, it won't hurt my feelings if you don't use it (in fact I might use it myself), but if you do like it, well then everyone's happy.
    Hello, Sheikah Warrior. First of all, welcome to the forums.
    Secondly, you know that thing under your name that says "Junior Member". You can change that to whatever you like if you go to "Settings" and edit "details".

    I just thought I should tell you that.

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