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Shadow Lord
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  • Cool to have you back. And it is good to see that you're showing your art. Keep showing it, as I will.
    Yep! I can see that you added it. It looks great. Lemme know if you ever upload any art to the site, I wanna see your drawings. And I will add my own sometime soon, just so you can see my style. It's not good, but I like it. <3
    You can use this one I sorta made, lol. I was gonna use it but you can have it. I just edited some stuff. :P

    That's awesome. I don't brag or anything, but I actually draw good on paper and using MS Paint. I may post some of my work for you to see. Would you like to? Also, do you have a thread for your art?
    Buahahaha, :lol: kinda like what I do to those who forget that I exist, or to those who actually anger the Great One.

    So what do you like doing here? Do you write? Read, or just like to post? I do a lot of things, really, but I prefer writing stories.
    Awesome. So you and Nomo like live close to each other?

    Anyway, why did they leave you? This One won't leave you, unless you do something for me to actually do leave. :P
    Heya, friend. :) Nothing much, just working on a story and on a game board for my upcoming Role Playing Game. What about you?
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