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    The most banned huh? look at my profile... I'm a "Banned user"
    Ah, I see. I hated the stupid owl. His name his so hard to remember. I can just imagine him saying this: "Do you not want me not not say it not again in reality or not?" :xd:
    Something like a signature would probably be allowed. I don't see a reason why it would not be allowed, unless it came across as hostile. As it stands, the sig you mentioned, while religious, does not appear to me as coming across as hostile. I think we could both obviously think of Christian, Atheist, etc... sayings/quotes that could be included in a sig that would obviously not be allowed. Make sense?
    That's kind of harsh. Banning you for your religeous beliefs. Or were you actually doing things wrong? Like epicly blaspheming or something? I'm an atheist too btw.
    Haha, why is your tag line 'The Most Banned member' ? Have you been banned a few times? :P
    well, that is how it goes in the US, I guess (haha that rhymed). I hope you like the gossip :P
    woohoo, you are back :D. Well ehhh, welcome back and please don't make mases angry again. He is so annoying when he's angry ;)
    hey, I'm gonna beat ur curveball Thing, :D
    I'm not giving up easly, so see ya when I've done :p
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