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  • Sunshine

    I'm going to like you a lot more now, I love Hotaru :3

    I'm doing well, I just got off from work, so I'm exhausted
    I really appreciate that, thank you :)

    I've been getting bad rep from ZD anyways so it's pretty normal for someone to tell me something negative about me, even if its true or false (which most of the time its false). I come through ZU and ZD sometimes but I try to say hi to everyone when I get the chance so if I don't reply for longs amounts of time I'm out in the real world (school, job, -my- family, etc.)

    Anyways, how are you? I can tell you enjoy Sailor Moon. I told my fiance I want Sailor Moon to be our wedding theme and he said yes, I'm like "**** yeah, I'm Tuxedo Mask". He looked at me crossed eyed :P Who's your favourite character?
    I enjoy a good ramble.

    I was Born a Ramblin' Man
    haha! brownie points if you get that reference :)
    if they're negative and bad, then all means, if you think I'm a bad person then you have the right to not talk to me. :)
    Ohthnx!! :sweat:

    This is the one I used when I first joined ZD. I was using Toon Link for a while, just changed back a few hours ago. :)
    I see, well have fun then, Mars. I'm sure you could find some entertaining things to buy for yourself or something, post away.
    There are quite a few threads for you to post in, huh. Still not much for me though, I'm picky...always have been really.
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