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  • Yea...sometimes it's bad though because I could just be lying down for a little and accidentally fall asleep, but I guess it's better than no sleep
    You're welcome :)

    I'm glad it does, I don't like seeing people upset so I try to make them feel a bit better.
    well, by now ive sorta got it ironed out, its just that my lips get tired after playing awhile and cant make tight enough for it to come out clear.
    Nice...well, the day off part is nice anyways, still being sick is of course crappy. It can't be helped though, gotta wait on it.

    I've just been getting rain myself, hopefully that snow doesn't come here next, I'm tired of it all too.
    Ah, if only wishes came true...sadly in most cases they don't, so one can only wish that you get well soon instead because it's more likely to happen.

    Yes, I want it to be spring, the winter has lost it's appeal to me for now and I want warmth -,o
    Ah, well at least you're slightly better, hopefully the illness won't be around for much longer. AFV is funny though, heheh...and damn, you don't have March Break where you are do you? My step-brother has a week off currently because we have March Break here, yeah. As for me, same old same old really, I'm as good as I'll ever be. Still need to find work, am likely just gonna end up going with my step-dad though.
    Yep, getting myself some things for a change, heh. So, what's been going on with you, seems to me you're in a somewhat better mood now...that's good :shinesprite:
    Hmmm, I'm not gaining Gold for gifts, just saving up to buy various things...due to the fact that forum games is still giving Gold for whatever reason I'm taking advantage of it.
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