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  • Curious question, Thar, but are you still writing the second book in your trilogy or is that a project you've temporarily put on hold?
    Unfortunately I haven't played any of the newer Sonic games. And don't let one opinion dissuade you from trying out Shadow the Hedgehog.

    Yeah, I was sick for three days not long ago and appeared off and on. Sometimes I'm on around 2pm central weekdays too because my penultimate school period is free.
    I've been a bit overburdened recently myself. I've become a nocturnal user...I can't think of the last time I visited ZD prior to noon and rarely pop in during the light hours anymore.

    Sorry about your missing your anniversary. Joining the day after your birthday and remembering everything in life can be quite hectic.

    Nice to see your Spyro avatar again. Definitely among the more memorable you've used.

    You've had the background for awhile now, but I'm reminded of my poor experiences with Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic games range from flat out terrible to great but the only game with Shadow I've played, Shadow the Hedgehog for the original Xbox was flat-out broken. Bad experiences. Ever played that game? I assume you have.
    Happy Birthday Thareous, have a good one!

    Shadow The Hedgehog - All Hail Shadow! - YouTube
    Thar! I hope that you're having a wonderful birthday!
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