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  • You're welcome! Thanks for the question! ^^

    Yeah, it's a practically universally accepted theory, as it's one of the only logical explanations for everything. Usually the idea is he wished for everything to go back to what it was before Ganon, since a lot of other odd things were fixed in the ending.
    Yeah I wasn't refering to Link himself as being "motley". Actually I took Motley from Motley Crue (because I love Motley Crue) and mixed it with Link from Zelda.
    I don't think so, but if you wish to brawl, you can go to this thread to see other people's friend codes and add yours to the list(if you have one, of course;)). You can then VM or PM a member if you want to challenge them:). I'm guessing you yourself are a brawler?
    Thanks for the friend request, RamboZelda! I'm Kate. It's nice to meet ya. What Zelda games have you played?
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