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  • POkemon? She tames then with beautiful music? Also, only 1 game at a time, other rpers can change their character and adjust. I have to go for now. Bye!
    IT needs a way to connect all of the roleplayers together instead of it being a make your own text adventure.
    I still like the Lindsey Sterling idea. How about you?
    Not shooters, but I can deal with them. Mostly any genre I cn have fun with. Racing, adventure, fantasy, you name it. I'll play it if Its fun. Thats something that annoys me today. People are always saying "this is bad about this game" and NOT ENJOYING the game itself, but sometimes it is good to talk about what is bad and good about a game.
    So...kidnap Lindsey? Then we can throw her into the world of video game xxx and have her use music to destroy enemies.
    We can switch off for Lindsey and the others who sign up can be different characters in the games, or make up a new character.
    Should we hold multiple rps for diff games? Like Lindsey Files Ep 1:xxx then Lindsey Files Ep 2: xxx in a diff rp so people can create diff personas for diff rps or become new characters every time. Like it? XD
    wanna start a rp? about lindsey sterling? and we kidnap her and force her to do diff covers? XD(im joking if you wanna start an rp then what should it be about?)
    ... why did i have to bee a late gamer who couldnt play all these awesome games...I've got a wii, dsi, gameboy advanced, supplies to play gc games on wii, vc on wii for n64/snes/nes games, and stuff but...I still cant play a million or more awesome games. I've ordered kh 358/2 days though. Should be here Saturday.
    LUCKY LUCKY LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE A PS2 AND SN???????? GET THE KINGDOM HEARTS GAMES NOW I COMMAND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ps do you roleplay?)
    Raindrop, you play consoles right? Which ones do you have?(trying to start up a conversation again; nothing comes to mind)
    Hey! I just wanted to ask you something having to do with Dreamers. I think I've accidentally managed to make it where Max is somewhat crushing on Katherine. Is this okay? And do you wanna make it where they do fall in love eventually? If not, that's fine! Just thought I should ask before going any further with Max's thoughts haha! :)
    Alright, so would you mind making it official in the blog that I just posted? That way I will remember to pay up if I lose. XD
    Oh yeah, btw, do you know Mexico and USA play later tonight? You can watch the game on ESPN or Univision. Hey, wanna bet? We could bet some gold if you want. If you do want to, let it be no more than fifty gold, alright? I go for Mexico.
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