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  • Well, you want just make me a hard working signature(I won't be using) of this Hatsune Miku render if you say you are a pro
    Kemp, I am afraid I can't brawl, due to a hurricane thats kinda coming our way, and I don't want to get killed if playing with you two
    I'm afraid I won't have time to brawl today, sorry. And during the upcoming school week I won't have time either. But I'd be happy to brawl against you on Saturday (as long as nothing else comes up)! :)
    I don't know about the purple guy, but I read that he's suppose to be her rival. Not sure why. I think one of the articles said that both of them (Lightning & The Purple Man) have the same goal, but they want to accomplish it in their own way. I thought Hope was annoying in the first game, but when I saw the trailer I got excited lol. He looks good though! I wonder what the rest of the characters are going to look like and who the new villain is going to be?
    Naw.... I am use to it, I am left a lone all the time, thats why I read the TP Walkthrough and ST walkthrough, yeah I was bored
    Oh God, I still haven't gone to my cousin's My mom went to a casino for some reason with my step dad and now I am stuck here with my idiot brothers
    I really recommend you watching all of Goldentusks Theme Song videos. For someone who has seen a lot of classic films (like myself) his videos really are entertaining! :D
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