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  • Ew I hope not. That would take away so many cool points. =( Do you think there are going to be new characters introduced?
    Remember, I was talking about changing my signature and right I am making me one and I found a Blue Linky
    XD We got our 3DS's (Yes, me and dad got one for each XD) at midnight launch. Lol JK. We got them at 11:57 :P It was awesome

    And what char was it? I beat Falco and Samus with P.K. Starstorm, which Kumatora learns and not Lucas
    yeah, I saw a 3DS for sale.....I believed someone was pissed when you are selling something that just came out.

    Lawl, I remembe I was playing with Ike and one of the brawlers I was playing with was Ganondorf, I beat the hell out him with mah final SMASH
    Hrm, I need a perfect Blue Toon Link and I am terrible at getting screen shots at YT and......I need me a biscuit
    Oh.....you should keep the hacking to yourself but...I may want to learn how hack Justin Bieber's life and change his gender
    Okay, Glad you like it I made two more version one with the overlay border but white, and one with out a border. I hope your signature is awesome, and I realized something I am month older that you, and I can't believe I am a 10 year old and can make these XD
    I'm not sure and do you this signature I made for LinkxZelda is good:
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