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  • FireRed is a great game too! I also like Ruby/Sapphire; never had Emerald.
    My 3DS is 3222-5647-0737 and my name is Indigo. Pokemon code code sounds good too! I'll get mine later; I haven't actually registered it...I thought I had but OK! We could do Pokemon trades sometime!
    Haha yeah I get sometimes confused too! Spring over here starts in September whereas Autumn starts in March.
    You're day is pretty much exactly the same as mine except you start school really early. We always start around 9 here.
    So do you have to wear uniforms at your school? I know most American schools don't but Australian schools do.
    Well, it's 6:45 am right now so I've gotta get ready to leave :D
    Autumn!!!!!???????? whaaaaattttt? dont you mean spring? i am confused beyond on so many levels right now. Its spring time right now for me. oh wait....nevermind i forgot your side of the eath is farther away from the sun than i am right now. gosh i feel dumb. ad my shedule is kinda like yours heres mine-
    wake up at 6:00
    walk out to the bus stop at 7:07
    get to school at 7:40
    start school at 7:50
    get out of school at 3:30
    get on the bus at 3:35
    get home at 4:30
    I usually have spftball preactice on monday and thursdays, which is three hours added the the home thingy. but yeah thats my day....all day every day.
    thats awesome:P lol. your my first friend from australia:yes: and it reeeealllly windy ourtide-.- too windy if ya ask me and also too much rain!!! lol what about you?
    Ohhh! We play that, but a differnt version. its called "Ultimate Frisbe" you have a frisbe and instead of a bball court we play on a football field. and who ever crosses the goal line gets a point. Basically the same thing:p and me? i live in texas.
    My favorite Zelda games are Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask, and I really love Pokemon Black! How about you? Do you have a PlayStation? Do you mind if I add you in as a 3DS friend?
    Ahh, My easter break was last week. and mine consisted of softball, videogames, eating and sleeping lol. i was being lazy too!:p
    And im currently doing english homework, im having to write a paper over Martin Luther Kings (the guy who gave blacks freedom in US) I"I have a dream" speech. its really boring. lol. and do you play any intruments? sports? if so what kind?
    Thanks for the friend request! ^^ I can tell you're going to be one amazing user! Hope you've enjoyed your time thus far on the Dungeon Gaming Network!
    It seems you live on the other side of the world. We can only message each other once a day. Hmmmmm, thats a pretty strung out conversation lol. But anyways, How are you and may i know you name by chance? Mine is Kailyn. i like to know peoples names, but if you dont wanna tell me its ok. (Or you could make up one! i wouldnt know!xD)
    Hey there! I saw you sent me a friend request so I accepted and stopped by to say hi, friend! We're pretty much the same age and all so yeah. HI!
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