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  • I actually have found a lot on Google Images and have used the pen/lasso tool to "render" the images. If they aren't already rendered, I remove the background. Another great place to get hi quality pictures is Planet Renders (do a search, I can't remember the URL). If you make an account, you have access to their entire database of super high quality images that have transparent backgrounds which you can just stick in your sig. Its wonderful.
    I use photoshop. And that's very kind of you. I'm sure that if you take the time, you can learn how to do it and how to get good at it.
    thanks I'm glad ya like it!
    I put ALOT of time and effort into it...so yeah...
    have you seen my WW abridged?
    Here you are PB82. I made it makar relevant, hope you like it.;)
    hey, sorry about the wait on the sig, I'm going to work on it right this instant.
    (Ijust hope your not one of those people who gets a sig...then they change it three seconds later)
    uh sure!
    I'll get on it!
    (sorry, It may take a little while. not like...weeks...more like, a day or so.)
    1:08 and it's virginia. I have church tomorrow, so I should be getting to bed. Hope to talk again tommorow.
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