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  • Yeah but at least that's realistic. The kids in mine are the kind who are gonna go through life expecting stuff to be handed to them and are gonna suck cause of it.

    I need to get back into the swing of it. Luckily School is ending like I said so I can. I didn't realize that it was such a huge thing.

    I'm watching the Mentally Advanced series right now. I swear sometimes it feels like I have too much to follow :lol:

    Oh and I've been reading a series by this guy, AlexLoneWolf. It's called A New Hero and it's his OC in the mane 6 so now there are 7. There are a few things he had to change but for the most part it's pretty good. And when I say in I mean he's rewriting the episodes with his character in it. Like I said not amazing but it's pretty good. He manages to keep me reading cause his OC has a backstory that hasn't been completely revealed yet. And there's a little OCxFluttershy going on in it.
    I know how you feel. This last week is gonna take forever, even if exam days are short.

    I don't mind language classes. It's the idiots I end up taking them with. The ones who don't even try to understand and then expect an A out of the teacher. They suck on group work:mad:
    I was a bit hesitant at first cause I heard what happened in SHED.MOV and wasn't sure if I wanted to see it but I finally decided to. It was hilarious and the animation is indeed good.

    When does your school usually start? Ours begins August 22 or something like that. That's why I get out on Friday. And my Spanish 1 exam that I took today was easy.
    Well I finally got to watching the .MOV series. It was freaking hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at each one. MAGIC.MOV was one of the funniest so I honored it by making R-Dash 5000 my new avi.

    I found a couple new fanfics. One is on fanfic.net in the MLP section. It's called Fear and I'd recommend reading it for yourself. The writing is spectacular, far better than that of most fanfic authors.

    The second fanfic was a prequal to Cupcakes that twists things around. Basically Pinkie Pie discovers the Rainbow Factory and that Rainbow Dash runs it. So she makes a torture chamber decorated with fake blood, organs, and bones. Pinkie Pie then kidnaps dash, kills her, and hangs herself since she can't deal with killing a friend, even if she did it to avenge the deaths in the Rainbow Factory.

    Other than that, I spent the weekend studying for finals and walking a lot. Kinda quite mostly. And school ends on Friday so that's good:D
    I finally got back to Fall Out Equestria. Only on chapter two. I guessed that it might be Sweet Apple Acres when I read the tunnel was an Apple Cellar, but the story clenched it.
    I could see it but they'd be competing half the time and arguing the other half. Like the fight, breakup, get back together, repeat couples:lol: Or one that helps her become a lot more humble.

    Yeah, I see that a lot more with Twilight than someone who's exactly like her.

    And I could see one with Fluttershy where they help her break out of her shell more often.

    And completely off that topic but do you think we'll ever see Dash's turtle, Tank, ever again? It's not like we really see the pets more than once but each one has been in two episodes except for Tank.
    I don't think greater than five will work either but I think six is possible. I'd want five total as well.

    That'd be cool. If they did give Twilight someone he'd have to be either just as OCD neurotic as her or the complete opposite: laid back, chilled out, and level headed. The show has male background characters but it would be interesting to add one to the mane 6. Or at least make one more front and center-ish like the CMCers.

    Rainbow Dash needs a someone, especially after "I hate being alone" in The Mysterious Mare Do Well (I like this one quite a bit).
    I have tomorrow off but I'm gonna try and use it for myself so I can read Fallout Equestria (prologue was interesting and engaging:D). But I want to finish my homework first. Not much anyway. Gotta use AutoCAD to design a classroom floorplan.

    And thanks for the clarification. It does help. Personally I don't think it'll happen but who knows. There're already subtle hints in certain instances so it's a possibility. Either way I'd be interested.

    I found a question of reddit about how many seasons FiM will go. Most seem to think between 5 and 9. I'm gonna go with a max at 5 or 6. It'll get to a certain point like all cartoons.
    I haven't started. I was gonna but went to go see The Avengers instead. I'll have to start this evening. I gotta take care of some homework first. If all goes well I might be able to get through a chapter tonight. I can read pretty fast.
    I started watching it some and it's pretty damn funny:lol:

    It was like a literal version of the mindset of the characters along with some random hilarity. I still need to watch more cause I've only seen some of the first one but it's still good.

    And Fallout Equestria looks pretty daunting. 45 chapters plus epilogues......well, better get cracking.
    Wonder why. I loved it. It made me cry a bit too. It's the whole "If you love them, let them go" thing but it's still so damn sad.

    Now I want to find some other comedic or sad fanfics.:lol:
    Oh yeah! I need to read that! Crap, I completely forgot!

    I finally watched the finale to season 2. Now just gotta go back and re-watch everything else again:P

    And I read the renowned My Little Dashie fanfic. It was so sad. I can't completely relate but I know that I'm gonna cause my parents the same pain when I finally say goodbye.
    Is that bad? My parents know but don't really give a crap. They just care that I do my school work first. Pretty lenient on most other things.

    I listened to the Rainbow Factory song which apparently inspired the fanfic.

    And I'd recommend two fanfics. The first is called A Precious Rainbow and it spins off Cupcakes. Apple Jack manages to save Dash before her organs are removed but Dash has to learn how to cope with a life without flying. It's mostly a sad/triumphant fanfic. Overall very nice.

    The second recommendation is an alternate version of Rainbow Factory where Dash is less insane and is mostly being forced to work at the factory even though sh doesn't want to. Look it up on google as "rainbow factory alternate ending scootaloo's hero". It's not done but it seems pretty good.

    Two episodes left and I'm caught up completely. Then it's onto waiting for season 3. I just hope 3 will have a body switch episode or one where the mane 6 visit anotheg city besides Canterlot. Like Phillydelphia or Manehattan. Or a new place like.....Las Pegasus (lol new city idea). Any hopes for you?
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