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  • Hey Navi!
    Okay, Me being a pixar n00b, I just wanted to let you know that on your sig...
    It's "Syndrome" who says that line in your siggy, and he says;
    "Then when everyone's super...no one will be."
    Sorry, but It was kinda drivin' me crazy,:embarrassed:
    and my baby brother is ALWAYS watching that movie.:xd:

    EDIT: aw crap, he was just watching it right now, and I guess he does say that, but it's more like;
    Mrs. Parr: Everyone is special Dash
    Dash: (mumbles) Which is another way of saying that no one is.

    Sorry about that:wave::embarrassed::wave::embarrassed:
    Sup, Random Person here. Just wanted to drop by and say nice sig! Infamous is one of my favorite games. Did you play it, or do you just like the picture? If you played, what'd you think of it?
    I like Canada. ^^ But I have never lived anywhere else so i don't really have anything to compare it too. It is clean, and there is crowds and no crowds depending on where you are. I can't complain. :)
    You don't need to apologize. :)
    lol, crappy USA? I thought most people who lived in the states really love it there?
    Yeah, I'm taking Education. I want to teach science.
    It one of the universities in the city closest to me. (Sorry, I don't give out where I am.) I live in Canada though, I'll say that much. ^^
    Oh sux! That's not cool. D: I can't say I have ever done that. I haven't blown a speaker or an amp.
    Yeah, being in University has it's advantages. Done at the end of April. ^^
    Hey, yeah.

    Not much. I'm in exam week(s) here, so I'm busy busy, but it's cool too, cause I will be done soon.
    How about you? How ya been?
    No I haven't heard anything. Have you?
    I really need to try some of the other ones. lol
    yeah? Well I highly recommend it.
    Yes, Co-op it quite a lot of fun. Especially when you start strategizing with your partner.
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