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  • haha... Thor?

    ....Oh gosh, I feel like a bad fan all the sudden..

    Hey look! Free hugs!
    Haha, what, my Avengers avatar? Yeah, it's my current obsession. It's crazy man XD It's all over my siggy too... XD
    Heya, how is it going, Vipee? I responded to you in the blog, in case you are curious. And I also responded in the story thread. ^^
    Oh, that's simple, chap. I will be concentrating on my writing. I wanna be able to write and finish lots of stories from this day on. I sorta got motivated to doing that when I successfully published my first story. In days that story will be arriving to my mail, and if the book looks good enough, I will allow the site to put it on sale. By the way, your character did not make the cut for the first book, but since I will still be writing two more books for the series, he will definitely come out in the next one. Hope you are okay with that.
    Good to see you, chap, but I am close to leaving the site for good. I am just hanging around till I deliver a link to peeps where they can buy the book and any other future works from me. So yeah, in a way I am sad too.
    It is a weird feeling, isn't it? Haha and there's no need to elaborate, so no worries. Glad you're back, though!
    Hey Myriad, welcome back! I'm doing well, it's been the same here except for some changes in mods and hylian knights. Nothing big though! How are you?
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