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  • i hope so too, because the pain was horrible. i couldnt sleep the night i got it.
    Sup. Yes I do remember that scene and that made me realize that Zelda would be such a rupee help character if she were there fighting belong side of you. I'm not exactly sure what you want me to say about that scene but I did rather enjoy it a lot. It really emphasized that Zelda was a crucial part of the game as Link usually defeats Ganondorf with her right there next to him. Usually, he can't do it without her. This is most apparent in the TP scene, but it happens all throughout Zelda games.

    If you have thoughts like this, it would probably better to share them in the comments of the podcast or start a thread about the subject to get more results. Of course, if the comment is directed at me specifically, it makes sense to just ask me.

    And Ellipsis right back at ya.
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