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  • YES! STAR FOX FAN! And I am sure I have a poster of your background :eek: Anyway, nice to meetchya, I've been playing Assualt lately and Star Fox 64 on VC. Can't wait for Star Fox 64 3D
    yes. sorry i couldn't get back sooner, check the blog i'm going to put if you want to know why.
    hey Mido, me and Linknerd made a group (ok, i did, then dragged her in) and it's about silly words. we need one more judge before we start. could I ask you to be the judge?
    Hey i know you don't know me but check out the starfox group i posted a new discussion with funny starfox vids maybe you've seen em but i don't know
    Do you think you could get on it now because my mom is using the password she made for me to send and accept friend request and she said that after this I will have to wait a couple of days.
    Hey Mido do you think you could go on to our xbox right now and send me a friend request my Gametag is ShaneOMac713. Since you have a xbox gametag
    I'm good. Just going to the point that I'll be insane!! I'm so bored in my house right now. I hate allergies.
    " but Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarl that kills people" " Oh i didnt know that"
    i love llamas with hats Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrlllllllll
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