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  • No, no, no. The King of Red Lions was the King of Hyrule IN A BOAT. Whether or not he bore that title as a human is unclear, but the boat was a real boat. When he stayed behind in Hyrule, he didn't return to the boat so at that point it was just a normal boat. ;)

    That scene in TP's ending is kind of mysterious, and no one knows for certain what happened. It seems like Zant's spirit appears in a vision to Ganondorf only, not to Link or Zelda. When he cracks his neck, he seems to be killing Ganondorf now that he no longer has the Triforce of Power to protect him (it was taken away by the Goddesses just a moment before). Or at least that's how I see it. Some other versions discuss Ganondorf swapping into Zant's body, etc., but I gave you my interpretation.

    Ah, that makes sense. Er... wow. Sorry to hear that. o_0
    Hey, my brother fixed the wi-fi connection, and I downloaded Paper Mario from the VC! It's a really fun game. I just beat chapter 5. What do I do next?
    I used to play it yeah. I wasn't that great at video games back then, so I never beat it or anything. Got more into Warcraft 3. Wow, why both PC and N64? :huh:

    Yeah, I'm hoping to get the chance to play Wings of Liberty soon. It looks sweet.
    A Random comment from a Random Person.


    Heart (<3) + ellipsis (...) = heartlipsis or <3<3<3 which is a new game in Zelda.
    A'ight! I can't wait! :xd:

    I like challenging games best, yeah, but I can still enjoy easier games. I'd have to, really, or else I'd be doomed to hate most video games since I'm good enough that few games are hard for me. XP Ah, the Shadow Queen. She was awesome. Good luck! :)

    Ah, coolio. I liked Other M a lot too (haven't beaten it yet though, at the Queen Metroid), but I think it does have a lot of flaws. Super Metroid and Metroid Prime are still better games IMO.
    Hey MarioBr1, I wanna talk more about the dual-layered thing. Is SSBB dual-layered? Answer me this, so I can talk further on
    Im sorry for posting that vid :Angel:
    I like Mario enough. I'm not a titanic fan of the series as a whole compared to say Zelda or Metroid, but it's really good and I love the games. My favorite game of all-time is Yoshi's Island. I have Galaxy, but not Galaxy 2 yet. :( Galaxy is probably my second favorite in the series. It's excellent.

    I haven't played any Paper Marios besides The Thousand Year Door, but that was epic as hell so I want to play the others too. ;)

    Awesome. Broken Wiis are no fun. D:
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