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Maniacal Engineer

Well hello there, everyone!
Don't mind me, I'm just a visitor from Bulbagarden's War Room Mafia community.
April 18
The Watchtower
Automation Engineer



Banners by Bulbagarden's Rainbow Cloud.
"Engy: I like him. Not saying I think he's town, he just seems like a cool guy." - Bok Chan Sama (Anime Mafia)
"ME- This man is a force to be reckoned with. The only correct read on him is that he’s a cool dude." - funnier6 (Guess Your Role Mafia)
"damn me with the hard facts. you're a cool player" - Funnygurl555 (Guess Your Role Mafia)
"hey guys i really like ME as a person. can't put m'finger on why just a feelin~" - LittleGumball (Guess Your Role Mafia)
"What can I say? I’m insane. :P " - Maniacal Engineer (Guess Your Role Mafia)
“Well played, now we should never let you live past n1 ever again :) “ - Zexy (Build-It Mafia)
“Never... Never... Never ever trust Maniacal Engineer. Never. Not in a million years. He must be lynched day 1.” - AussieEevee (Build-It Mafia)
“Overall, it was a great game and I get to work with Dylan and ME. Turns out we make quite a scary team as scum.” - Pikochu (Build-It Mafia)
“Maniacal Engineer has been kicked out of this game, because you all think he's funnier than I am!” - Elieson (Everybody is Mafia Mafia 1.3: Obligatory Swimsuit Episode)
“And yes, my cohost is a troll....” - AussieEevee (Fruit Bowl Mafia)
“You and your bad puns.” - Midorikawa (Gameshow Mafia)
“part of me can't help but wonder if ME's been playing us.” Sunsette (Gameshow Mafia)
“Regardless of allignment. I'm a known goofball/crackpot. :P “ - Maniacal Engineer (Gameshow Mafia)
“Maniacal Engineer I hate you! I trusted you so much ;_;” - Midorikawa (Gameshow Mafia)
“Don't get Maniacal Engineer drunk off of eggnog.” Holiday Mafia 2016 Rule #9
“And the most important rule of all: keep ME away from the eggnog. NO. MATTER. WHAT.” - Holiday Mafia 2017 Rule #14
“First of all, I would like to thank everyone who played. I would also like to apologize they had to put up with ME’s antics, I couldn’t stop everything.” - Zexy (It’s All About ME Mafia)
“ME is cleary the most Magnificent Entertainer that this forum totally needs.” - Elieson (It’s All About ME Mafia)
“Maniacal Engineer, this was one amazing game for Flavor, I really liked it and the final battle was amazing.” - CheffOfGames (ME Movies Mafia)
“This game got ruined by inactivity on town's side. I'm wouldn't be surprised if ME isn't bald by now.” - SoaringDylan (ME vs WE Mafia)
“after becoming Survivor I figured that my best bet would be to just townside, or better put, just go along with ME” - Zexy (Ocarina of Time Mafia)
“Still, looking forward to potentially joining on a game in the future and seeing what ME is really made of. =P” ALL MIGHT (Ocarina of Time Mafia)
“bottom line, sometimes, on very rare occasions when the moon is full and literally every piece of evidence backs it up, I might actually be town when I look like I'm town.” - Maniacal Engineer (Pokémon Generation One Mafia)
“Simply put, I personally politely requested ME to exempt himself from the next game of the series. As even without loopholes he does seem to somehow break the game.” - Calvin (Pokémon Generation Three Mafia)
“Self-reflection: You know what I find amusing about this? I don't feel anything... Well nothing that isn't a massive facepalm... It's kinda like I expected to lose to ME if we were on opposite sides :P “ - AussieEevee (Pokémon Generation Three Mafia)
“...I'm not even mad. Well played, Magnificent Entertainer.” - Max1996 (Pokémon Generation Three Mafia)
“I actually didn't really say that much in the Mafia chat. Mostly just ME and Pod discussing things as I was alseep, and later ME relaying his OC results as I silently took it all in.” - LoneGarurumon (Pokémon Generation Three Mafia)
“ME, you glorious bastard xD” - MegaPod (Pokémon Generation Three Mafia)
“Oh god seriously, ME is cop, of all people, it's ME. He either plays strategic and targets someone who is quite null to him or he is strategic/competitive and goes for me. Oh god.” - DarthWolf (scum chat: Prank Wars Mafia)
“Seriously lone, assuming there is no miller, MEs role is literally to hunt me and only me, this is too realistic XD” - DarthWolf (scum chat: Prank Wars Mafia)
“It's an asininely dumb plan, because a cop is usually better not outing themselves that early on.
It only worked because of the size of the game and because I'm ME.” - Maniacal Engineer (scum chat, post-game: Prank Wars Mafia)
“Darthplz. I'll get around to destroying this game after I've had my fun first.” - Maniacal Engineer (Pokémon vs Digimon Mafia)
“If you’re Mafia, then I wanna be responsible for beating you! :P “ - MegaPod (Pokémon vs Digimon Mafia)
“ME, spit something of value out.” - Elieson (Pokémon vs Digimon Mafia)
“Why is it a good point now when Space says it but not before when ME said it?” - Rainbow Cloud (Pokémon vs Digimon Mafia)
“Welcome to mafia games with ME. Everything is too simple and easy.” - Maniacal Engineer (Pokémon vs Digimon Mafia)
“Vote: DarthWolf

If ME says you are scum, you gotta be scum.” - Pika_Pika42 (Pokémon vs Digimon Mafia)
“Vote: Maniacal Engineer

Obvious Godfather.” - Ereshkigal (Zexy Can’t Balance Mafia)
“This is ME we're talking about. Even when he's scum or town, he's still at least partly a Jester.” - Ereshkigal (Zexy Can’t Balance Mafia)
“I've contradicted myself as much as ME makes bad puns (ergo, not at all)” - Elieson (Zexy Can’t Balance Mafia)
“If nearly half the game trusts what ME said, there's a reason for it.” - Elieson (Zexy Can’t Balance Mafia)
“Alternatively, you can sing ME a 3-minute song about how much you admire him.” - Elieson (Zexy Can’t Balance Mafia)
“Honestly, I agree with ME that I should be lynched and die. He is my master and I must submit to his desires.” - HumanDawn (Zexy Can’t Balance Mafia)
“I believe Maniacal Engineer deserves a special mention too as he's created lots of the custom cards used here (basically if it wasn't Flop's or mine, it was his) and also was a player who led the winning faction effectively for most of the game and also the first one to enter the graveyard and give it so much life, we had a very active graveyard :D I'm glad he got to play again and he might have got a bit annoyed when he saw what the setup was about, he also said he's retiring again after this, I'm sorry if the craziness of this setup was part of the reason.” - Zexy (Endgame post of Zexy Can’t Balance Mafia)
“ME himself, he can be good as mafia but my gut says town for this game, he’s just trying to help too much, it feels genuine enough.” - Zexy (The 100 Mafia) (I was scum XD)
“Relative background, in Build It, Engie blended in so well with the town that everyone trusted him and gave him vital information that he used to destroy the town.” - AussieEevee (The 100 Mafia)


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