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  • nah, i dont post enough for the clicks thanks though :)
    Idt writing was tooo bad, the no electronics in the test room is what killed me
    Sorry lol i shall try to stay active
    That sucks, but in any case, i hope it feels better soon!
    O.O sooo many dragons lol
    The OGTs were...evil...
    Yea, its been a while since i saw you and we havent talked in a while either
    How long do you think it'll be till your wrist heals?
    ow.. that sucks. At least break is next week for you though :) maybe we can hang out if you wanna
    Im a step ahead of youu lol ive already checked it out and you did a great job on the clay figures!
    That sucks though.. whyd they leave :/
    Okay, I said I would sprite your character. I did, only that I was feeling sleepy and didn't do much. XD But here is the result. You can either keep the one you have at the moment or this one, it is up to you. Honestly, I like both, but the first one looks a little better, but you are the one to make the decision. Oh, and I didn't go with armor since there are many Pegasus riders/Falkoknights girls that don't use armor.

    Current one

    and new one.

    I always tend to keep my promises. I have seen your beautiful art and have left you feedback. Thanks for letting me know, those are very good. :)
    Oh, I thought you two gals went together to the same school. XD

    Yeah, coffee sure smells good, I can testify to that because earlier during the morning I fixed myself a cup and the aroma smelt so good. One of my brothers likes to make coffee on the coffee maker, I like to boil water and just fix a cup by throwing Folgers coffee into the hot water, then I add milk and some sugar, sometimes I just drink it black, when I really want to wake up. :P

    I have never brewed me any, though, so I bet it sure would be fun doing what you are going to do. Have fun doing that, Maggie, ;) I wish I was there to learn, lol.

    And no, I haven't seen the newest clay figures you added, or art. But i will have a look now. Also, it would be wonderful to see Medusa in clay form. i hope that one day you make it. And finally, I think I will rework your mug, Maggie. No, it looks fine as it is, but you wanted to be a Falkoknight, and so Maggie at the moment is dressed as a mage, I will add cool armor and see whether you like it. I will keep the face and the hair. ;)
    What is this I can't even... Jk, yes, Magatha, I love Coffee. <3 Do you like coffee? Really? You're gonna brew it and sell it? I hope that project goes well, hon. ^^ Is Mandy with you on that one? Haha, just curious, she's your real life friend after all, so yeah, I can just imagine you and her together selling coffee. Wish I was over there, then I would surely buy a cup from you.

    I still remember about your clay figures, they were awesome, you did a nice job.
    Also, Magatha, I just remembered... if you have a twitter account, I recently got one and tweet whenever I update the story.
    Sup Magatha. Yes I'm still writing the story, but something... very not good has happened. I've spent the last several months writing about 5 chapters (very long chapters at that)... and now those files are lost. Unless I can find them, which is looking more and more like it isn't gonna happen, I have to rewrite all those chapters. T^T
    Sadly no, I did not have the pleasure to meet them. :( At least you and Mandy have remained here, that's good, maybe your friends lost interest or something.

    That sounds cool, I hope you enjoy reading whatever I come up with this time around.
    Oh! Mandy is your friend? I didn't know that. Or maybe I did know at one time but I may have forgotten. :P Anyway, that's reason enough for me to write it then. I will speak of the change in plans in a post in the story thread, hopefully those other peeps who signed up will be alright with it. I just want to respect other people's hard work, in the end I feel great about that. ^^

    So I may have to bother you with a little more information from your character later in time, but if that happens to be the case, I will let you know somehow. And I am glad you like the mug I assigned Magatha. That was suppose to be Mystina, from the Valkyrie Profile game, and she also appeared in a chapter of Saga's story, maybe you remember her.
    I am glad you think that way about my stories, I really do. :) Thanks, you have just made my day. Although lately I've been thinking about this new story I want to write, the Fire Emblem one. I really have never liked writing using copyright material from games, but people just tell me to relax, that I am doing nothing wrong with that, that my stories are just fan fics. But still, I feel sorta bad using stuff from something that has already been made, and those people put effort into that, know what I mean? So maybe for this Fire Emblem one I won't be using the game at all, rather will just make a small map and create my own world, with the characters and all. It will have all the Fire Emblem feel, but it won't have copyrighted stuff from the game. If I went with that, would you still read it?

    And, I am glad that you have the opportunity to take art, that is a great class, and you can also learn a lot from it. Hopefully one day you will show me and everyone else your fine art.
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