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  • Hola Maggie. It's always good to see you! Maybe because you're almost never around now a days. Anyway, just wanna inform you that I have started working on a story that I will self publish. Look for the thread, it's called Atsuma's Serious story sign ups. I have been adding a few default characters, you were gonna be added as well as Vanessa, but now that you are here, guess you can create a character to your liking, eh? If you don't have the time, just let me know and I will use your old character from Saga's Tale.
    Awesome, glad you are finally free. Yeah, well that other place gave out its service to us, I thought it was time to let it rest. I hope to see you here. Talk to me whenever you want, and for your info, I also started a new story here. I hope you are able to follow it. As usual, your character is in by default, but feel free to submit anything you want. ~Ao
    Maggiiie, I'm kinda curious. What reason did he give for banning us? If you asked him that is
    Yea!! Thiiissss and a BILLION other reasons, is why I do not like Atsuma. Those topics...were the most awesome threads eveer ;D I loved the firetrucks one!
    We had a lot more tooo, but nooo he had to be stupid and ban me till im 20 -.- Ping was also banned for 4 years, like amanda and I were. We were hoping
    you'd post with us, but everyone was too scared I think. A proxy is a way to disguise a web server to bypass blocked sites and IP bans, first you get on
    a proxy site, for example http://www.now-privacy.com/ is good. On the site, you type the site url in the box provided and then use the web normally.
    I too was banned. I honestly dont wanna go back, cause Im tired of dealing with him. He has no clue how to run a forum and you dont ban people for 4 years. Wanna talk to me, ill be on zd more often. Also, to bypass school servers you can use proxies so you can get on here from school.
    Sup Magatha, Random Person here.
    Just wanted to let you know that I've started updating Wig-Or-Log again. Chapter 79 is finally up and I will be putting chapter 80 up soon enough.
    Yea lol the multiple choice was all easy though :D
    Yea the red bugged me, but i just wanted something new.
    Hence Lavi, the awesome ginger i have for my avtar lol
    Didnt forget just didnt click in my mind lol i was thinking you hated the writing OGT cause you didnt like writing
    I guess i could post them on a click site, but still i hardly ever post so youd be the only one who saw them
    Ah... that really sucks :/ but at least it isnt broken, right?
    Btw, what do you think of my new profile? :D
    ...it just occurred to me why you hated writing on the OGT. I feel really dumb now lol
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