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  • It's alright, and I'll think about the site. If I do come back, I'll use the same name so I'll be easy to spot.
    Thank you, I'll let him know:)
    Right now, he's looking into becoming an app developer for Android:)
    I'm an arguer too, so I don't give the silent treatment either haha. I just yell. A LOT.
    Haha figures, wolfos become involved as soon as I leave. The thing I hate most about mine and his fights is when he gives me the silent treatment. I just yell, he doesn't say anything at all, no matter what lol. It works for him though lol. The official site looks good, though very similar to ZRPG. Another free website generator is Weebly, just in case you were interested. My boyfriend happens to have a site there as well, and he's planning on making that his "news" section of his site, but he hasn't gotten much of a chance to work on it. Not comparing you to him, just telling you that if you didn't like the site you used for some reason, that's one you could look into.
    Oops sorry you got that on a bad day! I was just extremely angry (told you I have temper... nobody simply takes my word on that one lol). Yeah it was the equipment thing and you guys have been moving forward in missions. I see you used the wolfos haha. Oh and Kairu's staff now (good choice by the way, he deserves it). I think hyruleanblackcat would have made a good mod for at least the Applications section, she seems to be helping new members out there anyway. Official site? Is it still the same domain name? Hmm, well I give it some serious thought. I'd like to talk to my boyfriend about it though, because I don't want to end up fighting with him. I hate fighting. It sucks.
    I wasn't necessarily trying to compare you to him. To be honest, he was spending hours at my house working on it, and I thought you of all people would be able to appreciate the work he put into it. I just know you wouldn't like it if I said something like that about your girlfriend, you'd probably cuss me out, ban me from the site, and never talk to me again. I miss everyone at the site too, and I went back as a guest to see how things were and it seems to have changed a lot in the short time I've been gone. I'll have to think about coming back... I was devoting a lot of time to it and it wasn't really great for my relationship because I'd work on things on the site while I was supposed to be spending time with my boyfriend, which is my own fault. I'll think about it though. Thank you for coming to me and apologizing. I sent you a message the day I deleted my account explaining everything, but I don't know if it ever got delivered.
    Thank you for appologizing. I just really tried to be nothing but nice to you, and I honestly just felt completely disrespected. I tried to help you with the site (I know it wasn't much at times, but I still spent a lot of time on there) and I felt like maybe you should have taken my feelings into consideration. Yes, he did use pre-made codes, but there are much nicer ways of saying that. I know you don't usually try to sugarcoat things, but that is my soft spot. I really don't tolerate people saying mean things about my boyfriend, especially when he isn't there to defend himself. I was never mean to you, so I'm not sure why you'd be mad at me... I'd like to know though.

    Thank you for appologizing, and I accept your apology. I just really can't have that much drama in my life, I have a lot going on. I'm working on my college degree and I'm only in high school, which requires a TON of work and I don't want to make things harder on myself by adding unnecessary drama.
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