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  • What's up? Also look at this:

    I have seen your awesome signatures that you have made for people and I was wondering if you could make me one. Could it possibly be a mix of ninja stuff and zelda stuff, maybe a ninja link or link with ninja weapons. Thanks!
    Hey, Linky, could you do me a favor? I have this new sig I am thinking of using, but when I tried it on it is way to big. I can't myself, as I am currently on an iPod, and do not have Gimp anymore, but could you resize it to go on my signature?


    Oh, so that one's got a full white boarder...could you make it's white boarder the same as this one though please?


    Just not fully there I guess, I dunno how I'd describe it really >,>
    Oh, it's more than alright, I'm not impatient as I'm sure you know.


    Words: ZD Black Op Operative

    Colour: Dark Blue

    Overall could you make it similar to this one: [IMG]

    With the image placed on the right side of it like that, yeah.
    Nerdy, make it 350 in height, and 800 in Length. I will also make one, but only because I will make my own skin with it as well. So yeah, I know yours will be better for one of the skins already available. And thanks for joining, btw, forgot to thank you. :cool:
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