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    cool i love windwaker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, it was just implemented during my absence. While Hylian Heroes were changed to Hylian Knights, the Hylian Noble ranked was put in as a step up from Hylian Knight.

    So more or less, I did get promoted, even though I expected the opposite because I was gone. :sweat:

    But thank you! ^^
    Hey look! It's Sora!
    I love KH!
    But that's not why I'm here.
    If I'm correct, you beat Zelda OLB right?
    Well, could you help me with the Din Temple.
    I have the Fire Rod, but I need the boss key.
    I can't reach the bottom left corner room on BF1.
    How do you get there?
    I asked on the OLB thread, but Lobaluz didn't answer.
    I asked on May 30th. :mad:
    Yeah? Cool!

    Nah, I haven't been able to find the time to read it as of late. My sister has saved me all the chapters, I believe, so I'll have to make sure to find the time to read that. Thanks for telling me! ^^
    Well, judging by your sig, your a pokefreak. lol
    Did you make that sig yourself or did you find it on Google or something?
    I will probably end up buying Soul Silver, of course.

    My internal batteries(of G/S/C(YES, I HAVE THEM ALL)) still work, but, I don't really play them, nowadays. I might start a new file on Silver, after I am done with Leaf green
    No. We Legendary Frog fans need to stick togethah!
    =D You like legendary frog! I'm adding you to my friends list! If that's ok with you. ^^
    Oh, no I haven't. But I have lurked in OLB's thread and was extremely intrigued and interested.

    Only problem is we're having a bit of computer trouble over here, and installing or downloading programs is kind of hard right now... it's hard to explain. I'm going to try and play them first chance I get, because they sound awesome.
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