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  • Oh-Hoy there Link! :wave:

    So, you got the name.... Nice! :D
    There was actually another "Link" before you, however he must have disappeared somehow....
    Very well, welcome to the forums, cause you haven't really been here very long, have you?! :)
    I can't believed you got away with That name just Link that OK anyway nice to meat you I am DARK MASTER I own 31 Zelda games and if you need help with anything just ask my Skype is darkmaster919199.
    You know, i'm not even sure if they are in effect anymore. They were used for the market originally, but the markets functions are not running right now, so i'm not sure if you can gain or loose points at all right now. But it used to be that you would gain points for posting in threads that counted toward your post count. One of the moderators could probably tell you more. Try Axle the Beast. Sorry I wasn't much help ^^
    Where do I post it? Which forum thread?
    I guess that have to be... Dampe the gravekeeper from OoT.
    Well, I'm glad to hear that. Welcome to the site. ^^
    Be sure to send us your questions and maybe a submission. ;)
    WElcome to zeldadungeon... link. You are, at least the second in a line of links. I do not know what happened to the old one.
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