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  • Hey Link I see that you got that name after someone else named Link got banned from the site. Hey I like your profile pic and avatar.
    It's easy. On your profile bar (where it says "Welcome") there is an option that says "Settings", click it, and scroll down. There should be an option that says "Edit Profile" click that one and there, you'll see the option to make a user title. Write one and click on "Save settings" at the bottom.

    It will appear under your username (seriously, nobody thought of using that name before you?) in every post you make and in your profile.
    Sup hero? I wanted to know, did I do anything to get your request other than just being myself? I'm curious, you know.

    And VERY cool name. You could get a fitting title to go with it. But that's just me.
    Oh hey! Here's a random person commenting on your page. :P That's amazing that you were able to get that username....scrolling down your page I can see a lot of people asking you how you got it, so I won't bother you by repeating the question again~ ^^

    I'd say you're pretty lucky to have gotten it though....Link! :)

    Thanks for the friend request! I haz 2 questions...
    1. How did you get your username?
    2. How many people ask you that? :lol:
    Heya link!Man, i tried to get your username the day i first signed up.I wonder how you got it.Anyway, hows it going?
    I like the avatar!!!

    btw, how did you manage to get the username of Link??? I would have thought someone would have had it.
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