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  • Hm, that's odd. I'll mention it to the other staff (I don't really work on the main content pages).

    Give who a warning? Can you tell me the full username and link me to their profile?

    If she's doing something in-PM that's against the rules, then report the PM. Otherwise we have no idea what the content is, and no offense, but we can't really take your word for it; we have to see it ourselves.
    attenshon everyone it is i ruthy i am going to have a compitishion who ever makes me the best pic gets a speshal prize i will anose the winner on my birthday and the prize my birthday is nov 15 i will turn 8 the compitishion begins
    vincient are you on right now on sunday while the grades
    YO Happy BD I am Making something for you and here it is
    :keese: Happy birthday Leo, and many more to come.:keese:
    I'm really really sorry about that. i just kept getting bored and I just can't stay with it. I think I just can't handle running an RP. You can own it.
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