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  • yeah... that's what usually happens, when i get a new DS, no matter what kind, i always give my old one to my sis. Like, i had my DS Lite, then i got a DS i for Christmas, so i gave the DS Lite to her. I got my 3DS a month ago, and gave my sis the DSi. and my sister still lets me use the DSi to make flips, i'm working on one right now! :)
    Your 10 and I thought I was the youngest member here I'm 11 and my birth day is on April 28.
    sorry i havent been on in a couple of days... i would have responded sooner...
    sure... what was your idea? i can probably help you... even while i am doing work on my zelda movie project (i am not working too vigorously on it at the moment)...
    Its Okay But Sorry I can't Take it because I just got this Sig Someone made me and I am making me a Metriod Other m signature Now
    There's a button in the top right corner of the page. It should have bucket of paint icon.
    Awwwh :C That sounds delicious~
    And lol, I'm not doing much.... time seems to be going by really slowly for me as well at the moment :c
    Ah. Well either way nothing can be done unless I can see the messages. Use the report button otherwise nothing can be done.

    And My Stuff is the tab where it shows the items you've purchased in the Market.
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