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  • I personally enjoy Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, Spirit Tracks, and Wind Waker. Correction. I am obsessed with all of those. I do not just enjoy them. What are your favorites?
    I just finished Spirit Tracks. I loved that game so much. It was better than what I had first thought. Thanks for asking.
    I'm working on finishing the sidequests in Spirit Tracks and I borrowed Minish Cap and I finished 2 dungeons.
    ive done phantom hourglass and i completed spirirt tracks today how about you?
    Nah sorry Im not working on it anymore...no one wanted to help.. :P I just cant delete the damn thing thats why its still there... :hmm:
    Woah you're profile was almost kind-of deleted. Too bad though. I had like a 34 friends and 36 posts.
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