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  • Thanks man. It's nice to see you here and enjoying yourself. Welcome to the family.
    The are randomly chosen by a number generator. After choosing the winners, I assure they didn't illegally enter more than once, assure they didn't break any rules, and that they have met all the criteria.
    You're welcome :) I'm not quite sure what his name is, but he has a doctor mario avatar
    That's crazy, I took the AP exam today too (3 hours of Hell); I probably only got a 2 or 3. I was an Article writer at first, because the site was malfunctioning and wouldn't let me put up an application to apply as an article writer, so Mases helped me out. Sadly, I think Axle might have thought I hacked the site, so I think that's why no one has even replied to my application.
    I first took a Minish Cap image of Link standing, and I gave it a complete makeover to make it look as close as I could to the Fierce Deity. Next I had to look at how Link ran in the Minish Cap, and I modeled mine after that same kinda motion. It is the first and only moving picture I have ever created, and I'm kinda proud of it XD
    I mostly started posting a whole bunch because of the May giveway contest, but now I'm actually just posting because I enjoy it. Thanks for the encouragement! :) Live long and prosper XD It's nice to make a new friend
    Oh wow! Thank you! May I ask who the other is? ;)

    Well, first allow me to explain how I stumbled across your profile. When you registered, I perceived as an Article Writer though I had no idea how when you had first joined. :xd: I see Axle has since corrected that. Then, I see that you had set an avatar for yourself. That's not to say that I don't enjoy reading posts and stalking posts by those without an avatar, however, that definitely stimulated my interest in you. And with your recent surge in activity, I was finally brought here. :)

    Do not worry. Just this August I was a new member as well and my writing was not nearly as good as it is now. it's hard to believe how far I've come sometimes. You surely will do the same. You're already establishing yourself as quite the authority on the Zelda forums. ;) When you're feeling ready, you might want to head to the intense-and i mean intense-Mature Discussion.

    My threads aren't too cohesive sometimes either. :xd: AP English has trained me well-took the exam today. ;) I reiterate LanceLercher-Where there's a will, there's a way. Go show users here what you're made of!
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