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  • So, uh... I think I may have just found one of the coolest Skyrim mods ever. It's a shame I'm already using Zelda gear, otherwise I'd get these.

    Lore-Friendly Darksiders War Armor-Weapons Set at Skyrim Nexus - Skyrim mods and community
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I getcha. Yeah, DSII was definitely much more of an influenced game instead of a true-blue clone.
    You prefer the original? Didn't see that coming. Not that there's a problem, I just didn't see it coming lol.
    Oh, damn... Let me fix that lol.

    This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

    Real Trailers - Zelda Hardcore | ScrewAttack.com

    Btw, yes, I've been procrastinating with Darksiders. >_<

    Expect basically what I've said before. Good game, but not great. Enjoyable, but heavily flawed. A good comparison in the Zelda series is Twilight Princess. Definitely an enjoyable game that provides hours upon hours of pure fun, but nearly every design choice has something wrong with it, even if it's nitpicky. It'll probably sometimes seem like I hate Darksiders, but there will be plenty of praise among the criticism (especially in the collectibles and platforming).
    Yo, gonna replay Darksiders to prep myself for a review of it. Get your body ready!
    Yeah, Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword are my two favorite Zelda games. I actually consider A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time to be better than Skyward Sword overall (although some specific gameplay elements are more refined, such as combat and puzzle-solving), but it did a lot of things I wanted to see in a Zelda game, so, that alongside of its overall extremely polished design, I couldn't help but enjoy the hell out of it.

    As for Majora's Mask, I'm actually a huge fan of the time mechanic. I've never agreed with the complaints about it, although I can completely understand why someone would personally dislike it. Other than that, its sidequests are gripping, its puzzle-solving is some of the best in gaming, and the amount of attention to detail put into it is just mind-blowing, especially for its time. I'd easily argue that it's the most polished and engaging Zelda title as a whole, even if not in every specific area.

    By the way, after playing Darksiders II, I absolutely have to have a skill tree in future Zelda games. It's just too damn awesome to not use.
    Huh. Skyward Sword and Majora's Mask are two of the franchise elites if you ask me. Darksiders II beats out Skyward Sword in terms of exploration, overworld design, and RPG mechanics, but everything else... well, with the exception of combat (they're on equal grounds, as both execute their specific mechanics flawlessly), it takes the cake. Majora's Mask is better at pretty much everything but the RPG mechanics and combat, which, even then, it's not far behind (although it's definitely not a game for everyone, what with its time mechanic). As for the original Darksiders, I can't say I'd label it better than either game in any features other than storytelling.

    Basically, I'm saying I find both games have mostly superior mechanics and have their ideas brought together more smoothly than either Darksiders title. In the end, though, I still find all Zelda games and both Darksiders games to be thoroughly enjoyable as a whole.
    Just a random question, here. Which Zelda games would you say the original Darksiders is better than, and which ones would you say Darksiders II is better than.

    As for me, I think you already know which ones I think DSII is better than, as it was in my review, but I haven't really said much about the original other than comparisons to II. Anyway, I'd say the original is better than The Wind Waker, Oracle of Seasons, and Zelda II, but under all the rest (although not far behind Twilight Princess). Like I've said before, good game, but not great (although there are individual things about it that are great, such as secrets & collectibles and platforming).
    I put all four of my review portions into a blog along with a couple minor alterations. Just thought I'd put it here in case you wanted to check it out.

    Darksiders II Review - Blogs - Dungeon Gaming Network
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