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  • Lol, school just started today for me, It's too goddamn hot in that building.. and I'm getting more out of control with my schedule, I have a game I'm currently playing (which takes long to progress through) and a related game that takes just as long, then just recently I want FSA for GC to play it again.
    Hey dude. Me and my friends are going to stream live the first 2 zelda games on labor day weekend, most likley on sunday. We will begin at 10:00 am eastern standard time, and it should be alot of fun. well have live commentary as well, and may do some bonus games and music afterwards for fun. here is the location:


    We hope you can join us!
    Ha, lucky you, It's a mess for me I'm trying to play ALTTP and finish it but I just got HM ToT and really wanna get far in it, and with school coming it'll take longer.
    By the way, Homebrewing your wii is Hacking into the system via any exploitable security flaw to be able to download illegal software such as emulators for other Nintendo Consoles and some others like Sega Saturn, and loaders for downloadable .Iso files that are compatible with the Wii to play the games without buying it via a channel called the "HomeBrew Channel" that the hacking program installs into your Wii through said security flaw. thats basicly it in a nutshell...
    Been good, busy week with homebrewing my wii and all, and school starts shortly so im kinda pissed Lol
    Yo man, if you don't remember me at all, I'm ErebeaDeity from the ZE Marathon, Just thought I'd go on here since ZE's forums are down and I'm adding people I'm familiar with. Let's be Friends.
    :mastersword:Hi nice too meat you I am DARK MASTER I like Main zeldas and rare zeldas like the LCD games or the tingle games and much much more will you be my friend thanks.:keese:
    MC has it as well, but there is not enough room to draw the design so they just draw a sparkle in its place.
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