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  • Aww :) Baby animals! <3 We have seen loads of butterflies and little lambs running about. I can actually hear the birds sing...wow, I never hear them, but they're so loud I can actually hear them :'). Also, it got really warm the other day, we went to town and had lunch in the park and ran around and one time I went to the riverside and got ice-cream! :D
    Haha Niiceee been better if they were actually dudes xD not woman cosplaying. And hopefully yes i hope i make it to the next round. I am startign to gethte hang of it now.


    Why wont the shows be like a fangirls mind T_T
    Ok, people who do know in my family.

    Dad,sis my brother.
    Dont know
    Dads friends, uncle, mom, grandpa, and my older brother.

    Annnd my dad friend doesnt knoww, sooo yaeh :/

    OMG im lasting longer than a day in the mafia game xD
    xD no hes cool and all but he didnt know and he is just really dont know what to expect
    xD its kind of hard to. I see him every sunday D: and he is my familys friend somewhat. And if he says anything to my brotehr that doesnt know... idk what id do Dx id get screamed or something.....
    Yeah, I was just like "Arg....nuuuuu!" And yeah, it's getting warm and sunny :D
    well it was used in this sentence structure

    Well thats cool! *sarcasm. Thats like defiling a national ero
    Yea, its only 8:40 and I'm tired. I think I'll hit the hay early today. * DRAMATIC YAWWWWWWWWWWWWWN*
    Haha thanks, but I still have long ways to go. I've noticed that I have gotten better in mafia, but I guess I still need some improvement when it comes to actual scum hunting. I know a lot of scum tatics, but I'm not a really good scum hunter=\
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