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  • Knowing Mases, the time thing is probably a no-no. Sorry, they usually post them in advance.
    hey, thanks for the add. nice pic, muppets are cool:D
    I've been here for almost a year, that's why:P.
    And sometimes I get into a posting spree xD
    thank you:) I'll surely keep posting more and more, cause I don't have any intentions of leaving my favorite forum
    Hey, put this in your signature:
    Well since i'm new here why don't you help me get to know this site. oh and hopefully we can chat sometime.
    Howdy. How's it hanging?

    I don't believe I've seen you around before. Or am I grossly mistaken? If I am, please excuse me, I talk to a lot of people. >.<
    hey welcome to ZD!!! I'm mad because my reputation just went into the negetives so I guess Ill send out some welcome messages before posting more lol

    have fun and.... get a good reputation....
    Hey, thanks for your help. If you hadn't been here, I probably would've given up and left without knowing what went on.

    I owe ya one. :D
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