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  • I'm currently close to the Fire Sanctuary. My Fav moment so far has to be Link's reaction when Groose suggests the surface world should be called Grooseland

    I got a Laptop for Christmas and a Link from my sister, everything was either giftcards to Wal-Mart or Gamestop.
    story spoilers means bad cake

    and quess what im playing

    SKYWARD SWORD released yesterday in the EU :) im loving it hardest boss atm was scaldera realy hard to spare some bombs for me hehe ghirahim was easy also hardest enemy LIZALFOS i hate those guys i needed to use the jimmy fallon way hahaha atm i need to find the keys to the mining facilety so but today i dont got that much time and i will see
    Only a week for me and really can't wait.

    Yeah I try to watch videos that don't spoil to much about the game
    WEll you've almost beaten it already.

    I've started to play LA because it's the only video game in my whole collection I haven't beaten yet and When I get money out of my account I plan on getting a GB Color and OoA.
    From the Salvage area that one was kinda tough for me so I waited until I beat the Earth and Wind Temples to get that one. The Hookshot helped out a lot for me in that area.

    Remember a few VMs ago I mentioned an Adapter like the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Connector well it came in and I found the onlt reason why the adapter wasn't working is because the computer I use is a 2003 model and it needs to be a 2005 model for it to work. I can't wait until I have enough money for my laptop.

    The youth group at my church is going on a trip this weekend so I won't be able to reply until Sunday afternoon.
    Do you need to know the locations of more because you could just look at the walkthrough on this site.
    Yeah sorry I forgot but I do talk to many people around here.

    I hope my adapter comes in today then I can finally enter your friend code.
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